Arabella (arabella) wrote in foreverafter,

Textures: Fear the Living

I'm currently working on a batch of Walking Dead icons, and I decided to make some textures from TWD screencaps. Thus the title :P Since I've been working on a 200x200 canvas for icons lately, this set has both 100x100 and 200x200 versions. I've included the individual 200x200 textures as well, so you can save the ones you like if you prefer that to downloading :)

>> 100x100 or 200x200 <<

[individual textures]

Usage Guidelines
- Comments are ♥. I'd love to hear what you think.
- Credit is appreciated! (foreverafter or arabella). :)
- Please do not claim as your own.
- You can find my other texture sets here.
Tags: !textures
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Taking the textures, thanks!.
You're welcome :)
Nice textures! :D

Thanks a lot for sharing! ♥
Glad you like them!
Lovely textures! Snagging with credit. Thank you.
You're welcome!
Definitely taking, they're great!! <33
Glad you like them!
Taking the textures, thanks!.
You're welcome :)
Downloading. These are great. :)
Hope you find them useful :)
taking these texures
No problem :)

Deleted comment

You're welcome :D
These are totally beautiful!
So glad you like them :)
Beautiful, thank you :)
You're welcome! :)
Lovely! I am downloading the 200x200 set
Hope you find them useful :)
Thank you very much ^^
No problem :)
Taking, will credit. Thank you! :)
I really love those:) Took some of them and can't wait to use them
Hi, there. I really, really like to credit people (I know how much effort graphics take); I just don't know how to credit people who make textures because once they're in Paintshop Pro, I don't really have any way of knowing whose they are. :/

Any suggestions? PLEASE.
It's best (in my opinion) to just make one overall post in your journal or community and credit those you download from. I have a post like that here:

As soon as I download something I add the user's name to my post there :)
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